Friday’s Snippet

From Major Weir’s Dark Legacy

As the stall-holders wheeled their carts away and the drovers headed to the alehouses, he climbed up the steep, dog-legged slope of the West Bow. Every tenement had light spilling out from unshuttered windows but for one just over half way up. Image

It alone stood in sullen, oppressive darkness and although he had passed it a thousand times before he realised he had never once given it even a moment’s passing attention. He drew to a halt and stared up at the blank face of the five storey building with its cobweb and dirt sealed windows staring back at him.

For some reason the dark windows looked like the empty eye sockets in a skull and despite considering himself to be a rational man there was a definite shiver which ran down his spine. This then was the former home of the Wizard of the West Bow, Major Thomas Weir. Even the style of the building looked eerie to his eye as he contemplated the stories he had heard recently about what was claimed to have happened within. The building was entered by a short flight of wooden steps leading to an inner turnpike stairwell leading upwards but the heavy door stood firmly closed and was itself thick with decades of dirt, grime and ancient cobwebs. All the dark windows were well above head height and so he walked backwards across the street until his back was pressed against the building opposite and with his neck craned back he looked stared upwards from one window to the next until he reached the highest window in what looked like an attic constructed of wood and perched atop the stone of the remainder. For just a moment he was certain he saw a pale oval appear at the window to look down at him before it was gone as quickly as it had appeared. “Nonsense!” he whispered as his back twitched as though ice water had been poured down it. There was no way he had just seen a face staring back at him! It was his mind playing stupid games with him! He told himself this again and again as he had to now force himself to look at the window again to see nothing but darkness and cobwebs high above him but even as he hurried on his way his back continued to shiver and despite his denials he felt certain there were unseen eyes in that house still watching him.

This is unedited so don’t be surprised to find mistakes.

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