White Slavery and Punishment in Jamestown~ Original Court Documents prove they are NOT a MYTH!

Kelli Rea Klampe


~Their Unfortunate Lives are not a MYTH~

There are so many stories going about in the recent months. The false statements are claiming that the Irish Slaves are a myth, untrue and being spread to take away from black lives matter. Shame on them for using their personal agenda to spread more hate!

There is always something or someone that wants to redirect us from the truth. I have written several articles and even a book about the Irish, English and Scottish Slaves. I believe that they deserve a place in history. I could write many many articles, but I decided that I would share some of the Original Court Documents from the Virginia Court in 1640.

This article contains only a couple pages in a 744 page book that is full of many horrors these people endured. In the early 1600s there really were no laws protecting slaves. Tobacco…

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