The Mistress of Bedlam is the 9th Robert Young of Newbiggin Mysteries by Stuart S. Laing

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I’d like to take this opportunity to congrats Stuart S. Laing on his newly released story of his 9th Robert Young of Newbiggin Mysteries. His stories take you back to another time and draws you into the dark streets of Edinburgh, a city not immune to its murderous intrigues and shady taverns. Stuart tells me this is story is a darker tale than some but not without lighter moments, and even the hope of a happier future for some of those who find themselves caught in snares not of their own making…


the-mistress-of-bedlam“Who can judge who is truly mad, when even the doctors are insane?”


August 1746

Behind the high walls of Edinburgh’s Bethlem Hospital, the mad, the bad and the dangerous are kept safely locked away from the public gaze, unless, of course, the public are prepared to pay for the thrill of viewing these unfortunate…

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